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Our Fund aims to generate attractive returns for investors while protecting their capital. Learn how we’ve delivered outstanding results on our investments.

Our Fund

The WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund uses an all-weather asset allocation strategy that aims to deliver outstanding and relatively consistent outcomes. It is specifically designed for wholesale clients to help them preserve and grow investor capital with up to +10% p.a. investment returns irrespective of market conditions. Find the best way to diversify your assets with us!

How to Invest

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Our Goals

At WealthLander, we focus on generating attractive returns for our clients while protecting their investments. We specialize in implementing all-weather investment strategies for wholesale clients looking to achieve the following objectives:
Deliver low risk high yield investments
Maximise absolute investment return strategies
Generate positive returns with greater consistency

Why choose WealthLander

10%+ p.a. Return on investment
We ensure the quality of the investments by evaluating opportunities and risks without any ambiguity.
This helps us achieve target superior risk-adjusted returns.
Top notch dividend investing strategy
The WealthLander Fund aims to achieve high investor capital preservation and compound interest through an effective multi strategy investment plan.
15%+ Lower annualised volatility of equities
Our target volatility over 3-year periods is much lower than that of equities due to genuine diversification of low correlation strategies, an alpha strategies focus, downside aware portfolio construction and strong risk management.
Genuine active portfolio management
Our portfolios are thoroughly evaluated regularly by the best portfolio managers in the country
to ensure optimal investment performance.
30% Less target drawdown
The WealthLander Fund enables investors to minimise loss periods to less than half that of Australian equities while providing quick recovery to their drawdowns.
Complements property and equity portfolios
The Fund is distinguished by its diversification benefits, low downside risk, reduced volatility and strong performance potential which is not dependent on Australian equity and property market performance.


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