Performance and Updates

We ensure our wholesale investors stay up to date with the performance of the Fund.

Our monthly updates provide information on monthly performance data and compounded performance, themes we like, and market commentary and insights that are influencing our thinking and decisions.

Performance reports are generally emailed to Subscribers (see “Subscribe” tab) within 3-4 weeks after month end, and also made available below.

Monthly Update

“The secret essential to long term outperformance is protecting the downside. This also aligns with investor preferences and our own strong distaste for losing money. I’ve proven that an actively managed portfolio can be resilient in the face of massive market falls and still also perform well in better market conditions, outperforming equities and bonds with low risk and providing a very attractive and consistent return stream.

A portfolio of carefully selected and actively managed strategies from around the world protects investors from the risk of poor outcomes from any individual strategy, enabling portfolio capital and our own family money to be more safely managed in its entirety. The economic and investment challenges the world faces are ever present and front of mind for us, and will continue to prove the value of our approach and research insights.”

— Founder and CIO Dr Jerome Lander