Dr Jerome Lander Chief Investment Officer

Jerome is a highly experienced, passionate, and proven portfolio manager with specialist expertise in outcome-based and absolute return investing. He has extensive diverse experience from 25 years of investing, and an exceptional track record* in both asset allocation and strategy selection.

He has a long track record of double-digit returns. He achieved annualised performance with superannuation capital that he managed (within a more constrained retail superannuation platform than WealthLander’s accessible investment universe) over an 11-year period to December 2020 of 12% net per annum after tax, resulting in growth of 250%*.

He was also the Portfolio Manager of a diversified alternatives fund in 2020 which achieved a 20%+ return*, during what was generally a very difficult year for returns, and WealthLander itself has had an annualised return of circa 20%* in its first 11 months (as at December 31, 2021).

Jerome is a recognised industry thought leader and asset allocator; in late 2019 he published a clear and prescient warning of the coming 2020 recession. Then, while markets were at risk in February 2020 and just before they collapsed, he flagged the severe economic and market impacts COVID-19 would bring.

He has held numerous senior investment management positions, including being Chief Investment Officer of the highly successful $12 billion Workcover Fund. He was also a very successful Diversified Assets Portfolio Manager at Credit Suisse, and Head of Manager Research for Van Eyk.

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Specific risks of the Fund may impact on the possibility of such a return in future.