Return Target 10%+ p.a.
WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund
Invest alongside us across a range of asset classes in a diversified pool of institutional grade alternatives, with prudent risk management and a focus on managed and direct investments that produce strong risk adjusted returns.

An all-weather multi strategy alternative Fund that aims to preserve capital, reduce risk and seek consistent absolute returns to compound investor wealth irrespective of market conditions. Invest alongside us in our diversified pool of institutional grade managed and direct investments.

Why Us

A Deeply Aligned Approach to Managing Client Funds

WealthLander is a boutique investment manager focussed on meeting the needs of astute and sophisticated wholesale investors through an actively managed and diversified portfolio of institutional grade alternative investments. The WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund provides investors access to a portfolio of value-adding investments that targets strong risk adjusted returns and  reduced downside risk.

WealthLander was founded by Dr Jerome Lander following a successful career as an investment consultant, chief investment officer, head of research and analyst for over two decades. Jerome’s family members are significant and founding co-investors and WealthLander’s performance dependent fee structure aligns its interests to its wholesale investors.

During the turbulent 2020 calendar year, during which Jerome Lander was Portfolio Manager, the LAIF fund (Lucerne Alternative Investments Fund) achieved a net return of 21.13% with low volatility (circa 5%).  As can be seen in the following graph, returns across many asset classes were single digits in the calendar year 2020, as were many diversified funds.

(Note that the LAIF fund is owned by a different entity and has different objectives and fees to the WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance).   

“We believe the prospective yields from traditional defensive assets simply do not adequately compensate investors for their medium and longer-term risks, including very importantly inflation and interest rate risk, as well as currency depreciation risk. Long term returns from these traditional defensive assets are likely to be woefully inadequate during the next few years of great risk and uncertainty. Hence forward-looking investors need to think about their portfolio defence and offence differently and we provide them with a value-added solution to invest in and meet this need.”

– Dr Jerome Lander

Our Fund

Looking for an all-weather diversified portfolio of risk-managed high returning alternative investments?

The WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund targets a 10%+ p.a. net return over a three-year period. Our approach is to invest in multiple alternatives and direct investments using a three-stage investment approach.  This consists of top-down dynamic asset and risk allocation, dynamic position risk management, and insightful bottom-up research to identify the best strategies for the prevailing and anticipated market conditions.

We use multiple complementary value-adding active strategies, professionally managed in one diversified Fund.  We aim to produce outstanding and relatively consistent outcomes designed to preserve and grow investor capital.

At any one time we use approximately 12 – 15 underlying strategies to deliver investors an alternative portfolio with strong risk adjusted performance, low drawdowns and which complements typical Australian property and equity investments.

Fund Benefits


The Fund targets greater safety from diversification than a single strategy or long only fund because it has numerous underlying and complementary sources of return combined into one prudently risk-managed portfolio.

Capital Preservation and Compounding

We have a strong focus on capital preservation and achieving long term compounding by avoiding large drawdowns.

The aim is to achieve much greater compounding than equities or bonds over time and a full cycle, in part by avoiding large losses.

Genuine Active Management

Our portfolios are reconsidered on a frequent basis, regularly adapted and different from the mainstream in order to perform.

The Fund is an active alternative to index orientated and long only investments – and provides a genuine alternative return stream.

Complement Investor Property and Equity Portfolios

The Fund is distinguished by its diversification benefits, low downside risk, reduced volatility and strong performance potential which is not dependent on Australian equity and property market performance.


Significant Co-Investment

The Fund’s investors include the founder’s family members and friends investing much of their capital outside their houses,  helping align interests with our other clients.

Superior Risk Adjusted Returns

We target superior risk-adjusted returns.

The target net return for the Fund is 10%+ p.a. over 3 years with much lower volatility and drawdowns than Australian equities.

Performance Based Fee Structure and Alignment

We back our conviction with an aligned fee structure.

Foundation investor fees for those who invest in the Fund from 1 February 2021 until 25 January 2022 are only 0.5% and 15% performance fee above the cash hurdle (before GST), and require a minimum 3 year commitment.

The management fee is otherwise 0.8% per annum and 20% performance fee above the cash hurdle (before GST) for investments from 1 February 2022.

Request the Information Memorandum for further details.

About Jerome Lander

Jerome is a highly experienced, passionate and proven portfolio manager with specialist expertise in outcome-based and absolute return investing. He has extensive diverse experience from 25 years of investing, and an exceptional track record in both asset allocation and strategy selection, including a long personal track record of 12% annualised net performance after tax over an 11-year period since his superannuation Fund inception (to December 2020) and a double digit return from a diversified alternatives fund where he was Portfolio Manager (LAIF) to early 2021. Read more about Jerome

“The secret essential to long term outperformance is protecting the downside. This also aligns with investor preferences and our own strong distaste for losing money. I’ve proven that an actively managed portfolio can be resilient in the face of massive market falls and still also perform well in better market conditions, outperforming equities and bonds with low risk and providing a very attractive and consistent return stream.

A portfolio of carefully selected and actively managed strategies from around the world protects investors from the risk of poor outcomes from any individual strategy, enabling portfolio capital and our own family money to be more safely managed in its entirety. The economic and investment challenges the world faces are ever present and front of mind for us, and will continue to prove the value of our approach and research insights.”
Jerome Lander
Dr Jerome Lander
Founder and CIO

WealthLander is a Corporate Authorised Rep (No. 1285158) of Boutique Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL 508011)