About Us

WealthLander is a specialist boutique investment manager that aims to protect and generate consistent wealth for its wholesale investors.  We know that our clients want consistent positive returns with lower drawdowns – along with an investment journey which is much more palatable for everyone including retirees, pre-retirees and the more risk averse.  We co-invest a large proportion of family and long-time family office client funds alongside wholesale investors to pursue mutual investment objectives, thereby strongly aligning our investment interests. These objectives include:

(1) reducing the risk of large losses

(2) making meaningful positive returns over the long term (net return target 10%+ per annum)

(3) making positive returns with greater consistency

WealthLander was founded by Jerome Lander following a successful career as an investment consultant, chief investment officer, head of research and investment analyst for over two decades.  Together with Andrew Quin a securities and investment consultant, senior investment manager, research and strategy co-ordinator, portfolio construction expert and author of “Investing on Wall Street” they bring over four decades of research, investment, portfolio construction, trading experience and relationships.

Our Philosophy

Achieving positive returns relatively consistently from markets requires genuine active management. To achieve this, we invest actively based on our proprietary skilled in-depth research and understanding of what we are investing in and why. We seek to take advantage of the opportunities and risks that changing market conditions provide in order to target returns and ameliorate downside risk.

We access a very broad range of investments by implementing our investment decisions through asset or sub-asset class exposures accessible through a selection of active managed strategies, ETFs and direct investments which we believe are well-placed to take advantage of the market inefficiencies and opportunities we identify at a point in time as useful contributors to our portfolio as a whole. Some of these investments may only be accessible to institutional investors or require a large commitment.

We frequently adjust our weightings to manage and keep contained the Fund’s overall risk and ensure we have a diversified portfolio well-suited to the market conditions.

Our team

  • Dr. Jerome Lander

    Chief Investment Officer

    Jerome is a highly experienced, passionate, and proven portfolio manager with specialist expertise...

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  • Andrew Quin

    Senior Investment Strategist

    Formally a global commodity trader, Andrew worked for over a decade as Research Strategy Coordinator,...

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  • Kathleen Tepana

    Investment Specialist

    Kathleen is a highly experienced investment marketing, distribution and communications specialist....

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  • David Witts

    Investor Relations Associate

    David has almost three decades experience as a business development professional working in the...

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