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Learn more about us, our people and philosophy and what benefits we aim to provide.

Who We Are

WealthLander provides wholesale investor access to an all-weather multi-strategy, multi-asset Fund that invests in a diversified pool of alternative and active investments. This includes the following potential benefits:

Targets actual return and risk needs.
Consistency of performance.
Strong downside protection.
Credible alternative and complement to traditional portfolios.
Low drawdowns and strong performance.
Potential for positive skew.
Safer than individual strategies alone.

Our team aim to provide the support that investors need in their investment journey.

Our Team

  • Dr Jerome Lander

    Chief Investment Officer

    Jerome is a highly experienced, passionate, and proven portfolio manager with specialist expertise...

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  • Kathleen Tepana

    Investment Specialist

    Kathleen is a highly experienced investment marketing, distribution and communications specialist....

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Notes from our Chief Investment Officer

“The secret to long term outperformance is protecting the downside. This also aligns with investor preferences and our own strong distaste for losing money. I’ve shown that an actively managed portfolio can be resilient in the face of disruptive market conditions, outperforming equities and bonds and providing a very attractive return stream.

A portfolio of carefully selected and actively managed strategies protects investors from the risk of poor outcomes from any individual strategy, enabling portfolio capital and our own family money to be more safely managed in its entirety. The economic and investment challenges the world faces are ever present and front of mind for us.”

— Dr Jerome Lander
Chief Investment Officer, WealthLander

Our Philosophy

Achieving positive returns relatively consistently from markets requires genuine active management. To achieve this, we invest actively based on our proprietary skilled in-depth research and understanding of what we are investing in and why. We seek to take advantage of the opportunities and risks that changing market conditions provide in order to target returns and ameliorate downside risk.

We access a very broad range of investments by implementing our investment decisions through asset or sub-asset class exposures accessible through a selection of active managed strategies, ETFs and direct investments which we believe are well-placed to take advantage of the market inefficiencies and opportunities we identify at a point in time as useful contributors to our portfolio as a whole. Some of these investments may only be accessible to institutional investors or require a large commitment.

We frequently adjust our weightings to manage and keep contained the Fund’s overall risk and ensure we have a diversified portfolio well-suited to the market conditions.


Our Fund aims to generate attractive returns for investors while protecting their capital. Learn how we’ve delivered outstanding results on our investments.


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As with all investments, the WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund (The Fund) is subject to a number of risks. If these risks eventuate, they may result in a reduction in the value of an investment in the Fund. The performance target and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. In brief, significant risks are linked to and include capital loss, global investing, changes in laws and/or tax regimes, and market risks. WealthLander aims to manage risks however some risks are outside our control. Before making an investment decision seek appropriate advice and consider the Information Memorandum (IM) dated 31 January 2022 by requesting a copy by email at info@wealthlander.com.au when deciding whether to invest. We describe what steps we take to mitigate risk (where possible) in the Fund’s IM. It is important to note that despite taking such steps, we cannot mitigate risk completely. The Fund targets non-traditional as well as traditional investments or investment strategies and uses non-traditional portfolio construction techniques. Whilst the Fund does not employ traditional leverage by borrowing, it can selectively use derivatives (options) and employ short-selling techniques. Some or all of the underlying managers the Fund allocates to from time-to-time may incorporate leverage and/or derivatives, and/or short-selling as part of their own investment process and risk management.



WealthLander Pty Ltd ACN 646 957 119 is a corporate authorised representative (CAR; WealthLander) of Boutique Capital Pty Ltd (BCPL) ACN 621 697 621 AFSL 508011, CAR Number 1285158. CAR is the investment manager of the WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund (Fund).

To the extent to which this document/website contains advice it is general advice only and has been prepared by the CAR for individuals identified as wholesale investors for the purposes of providing a financial product or financial service under Section 761G or Section 761GA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

The information herein is presented in summary form and is therefore subject to qualification and further explanation. The information in this document is not intended to be relied upon as advice to investors or potential investors. It has been prepared without considering personal investment objectives, financial circumstances or particular needs. Recipients of this document are advised to consult their own professional advisers about legal, tax, financial or other matters relevant to the suitability of this information.

Any investment(s) summarised in this document/website is subject to known and unknown risks, some of which are beyond the control of CAR and its directors, employees, advisers or agents. CAR does not guarantee any particular rate of return or the performance of the Fund, nor do CAR and its directors personally guarantee the repayment of capital or any particular tax treatment. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

The information herein represents a general summary of CAR’s current portfolio construction approach. Depending on market conditions and trends, CAR may pursue other objectives or strategies considered appropriate and in the best interest of portfolio performance.

There are risks involved in investing in the CAR’s strategy. All investments carry some level of risk, and there is typically a direct relationship between risk and return. We describe what steps we take to mitigate risk (where possible) in the Fund’s Information Memorandum, which must be read prior to investing. It is important to note that despite taking such steps, the CAR cannot mitigate risk completely.

While this report is based on information from sources that CAR considers reliable, its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Data is not necessarily audited or independently verified. Any opinions reflect CAR’s judgment at this date and are subject to change. CAR has no obligation to provide revised assessments in the event of changed circumstances. To the extent permitted by law, BCPL, CAR and its directors and employees do not accept any liability for the results of any actions taken or not taken on the basis of information in this document/website or for any negligent misstatements, errors or omissions.

This Document is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation for units in the Fund. Application for units in the Fund can only be made via the Fund’s Information Memorandum and Application Form.