Kathleen Tepana Investment Specialist

Kathleen Tepana

Kathleen is a highly experienced investment marketing, distribution and communications specialist. She has worked for two decades in the investment management industry with more than 40 fund managers, listed investment companies, trusts, fintech and advice firms. The first 15 years of her career were dedicated to consulting to fund managers on strategy, market research, product ratings and new product development. Leading firms have benefitted from Kathleen’s significant market experience and expertise including Vanguard, Fidelity, Macquarie, State Super Financial Services, Westpac, BT, Roger Montgomery and AMP Capital.

She developed and managed a market research business offer to Australian fund managers whilst at ASSIRT. She raised the profile of ASSIRT, ASGARD and Securitor via the establishment of an Australian investment sentiment index, and other surveys now being managed by Wealth Insights.

Kathleen also conducted a large-scale research project and co-authored the book with Gail Pemberton to identify tactics to minimise fraud in financial advice, entitled “Protecting Retail Investor Savings”, sponsored by Macquarie Bank, and purchased by the Australian Crime Commission and dealer groups such as Count Financial.